How To Change Ink In Epson Printer

How to change ink in epson printer
How to change ink in epson printer
How to change ink in epson printer

Are you getting blank pages from your printer? Perhaps the printer is malfunctioning, or your printer has finally run out of ink.

We’ll presume that you’re reading this page because your printer’s ink has finally run out, and you’re looking for precise instructions on how to replace it.

No worries, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to replace the ink in an Epson printer.

Checking Ink Levels

Before looking forward to changing the ink first, you will need to check the ink levels so that you can replace the appropriate inks properly.

Follow the procedures below to check the ink level before progressing with the ink change.

  • Press the Home or House icon on your printer.
  • Go to the Setup section and press the OK button.
  • Here you will see a list of options, with Ink Levels being the first. Choose it and click the OK button.
  • The monitor will now display the printer’s current ink levels to you.

Check the ink levels and replace any that are low on ink.

Installing New Epson Ink Cartridges: A Step-by-step Guide

Easy steps to replace ink cartridges
Easy steps to replace ink cartridges

Before you begin installing the new ink, double-check that you have purchased the correct ink.

We have a selection of ink cartridges for Epson printers here at Boomerang TCR Qld so that you can pick the right one for your printer.

Now let’s dive into the steps.

Pre-installing Steps

  • Turn on your printer.
  • If you already have empty cartridges, your LCD screen will display a message indicating which ones need to be replaced. Press PROCEED and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select the Home icon.
  • Go to Setup and then OK.
  • Scroll down to Maintenance and click OK.
  • Scroll down to Ink Cartridge Replacement and press OK.

Epson New Ink Cartridge Replacement Installation

  • Raise the scanner unit to reveal the ink cartridge replacement position.
  • Wait for the printhead to stop before you start to lift the cartridge straight.
  • Squeeze the tab on the back of the cartridge you want to replace and pull it straight up. It should come out quickly with only a little wiggling.
  • While your replacement cartridge is still sealed, gently shake it up and down four or five times. If the ink has solidified, shaking helps spread it throughout the cartridge.
  • Take the ink cartridge out of its plastic packaging.
  • Remove the cartridge’s yellow sealing tape. The only thing you should remove is the yellow tab.
  • You’ll have leaks if you take anything else out or remove the other seals.
  • Insert the cartridge into the cartridge holder and push it until it releases a ‘click’ sound.
  • Repeat the process for any additional cartridges that need to be replaced.
  • Cover the cartridge with the cover. To ensure that the cartridge is installed correctly, select CHECK on the printer display panel. Then, close the scanner cover.

Your printer will commence preparing the new cartridge automatically. When finished, your printer’s screen will display a message indicating that it is ready to print.

How to Refill Epson EcoTank Ink in Easy Steps

How to Refill Epson EcoTank Ink in Easy Steps
How to Refill Epson EcoTank Ink in Easy Steps

Epson EcoTank printers are one of the few varieties in the Epson printer models. When it comes to refilling inks, EcoTank, as the name suggests, takes a more environmentally friendly approach. Instead of cartridges, EcoTank printers draw ink from refillable tanks refilled with Epson ink bottles.

Steps To Refill Ink Tanks In An Epson Printer

It is simple to refill the EcoTank ink, as described below:

  • Remove the cap from the top of the refillable tanks and open the ink tank cover.
  • Remove the new ink bottle tip and fill the tank with ink.
  • Fill the ink tank with each colour all the way to the top line.
  • Close the ink bottle with the remaining ink after filling it, as you may use it to refill it later.
  • As needed, repeat the process for each colour.
  • Shut the cover.

Now your printer is ready to print. Try doing a test print to ensure that the

EcoTank inks are readily available in Boomerang TCR Qld.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Right Ink

Things to consider before buying new cartridge package
Things to consider before buying new cartridge package

Before you go out and purchase ink, double-check that it’s the compatible ink for your printer. Because Epson makes such a wide range of printers, it’s essential to verify whether the ink cartridge you’re buying is compatible with yours.

Also, when buying new cartridges, make sure to ensure that they are vacuum packed. Vacuum packed cartridge cover means it is new.

To begin, you must first determine the correct cartridge number. This is a relatively simple procedure because the number is usually printed on the label of old cartridges.

Or, you can refer to the printer’s user manual and refers to the number to pick the select ink cartridge replacement You can also use your printer’s model number to find the proper ink cartridge.

Using the printer model number, you can find a variety of online stores that offer printer cartridges. If you own an Epson printer, go to a reputable e-commerce site, like Boomerang TCR Qld, and look for compatible printer cartridges by using the printer model number.

Do all Epson Printers Use The Same Ink?

When looking for a new Epson printer, the most crucial factor to consider is your current printer’s model.

Epson printers have a reputation for creating high-quality prints at a reasonable price.

Each printer in the Epson cartridge range utilises a different type of printer cartridge. It will not operate with any other printer in the Epson cartridge range other than the one assigned to it.

When it comes to getting the most remarkable results from your printer, picking the optimal Epson ink cartridges is paramount.

Get Your Epson Ink Cartridges Now!

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How To Change Ink In Epson Printer
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