Maintenance and Care for Printers

In the bustling world of business, your printing apparatus is a silent partner in your enterprise’s success. At Boomerang TCR Qld, we understand the significance of maintaining this essential equipment in tip-top condition. This guide is designed to help you extend the life of your printers through simple, effective maintenance and care strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistent Cleaning: Regularly clean your printer to avoid paper jams and maintain print quality.
  • Timely Toner Replacement: Replace ink or toner cartridges before they run completely dry to keep your prints crisp.
  • Regular Updates: Ensure your printer’s firmware is always up to date to enhance functionality and security.
  • Professional Maintenance: Schedule annual check-ups with professionals like Boomerang TCR Qld to tackle potential issues before they escalate.
  • Environment Matters: Keep your printer in a dust-free environment with stable humidity and temperature.

Deep Dive into Printer Maintenance

  1. Regular Cleaning

To prevent the common pitfalls of printer care, such as paper jams and poor print quality, regular cleaning is paramount. Dust and debris are the adversaries of a smooth-running printer. Utilise a small vacuum or a special printer cleaning kit to remove accumulated dust from the interior.

  1. Timely Toner and Ink Replacement 

A simple yet crucial aspect of printer maintenance is the timely replacement of toner or ink cartridges. Allowing a cartridge to run dry not only degrades print quality but can also damage your printer.

  1. Firmware Updates 

Like any technology, printers require updates. Manufacturers frequently release firmware updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. Keeping your printer’s firmware up-to-date is easy and can significantly enhance its performance.

  1. Professional Servicing 

Even with diligent maintenance, some issues require a professional touch. Annual check-ups can help catch issues before they become costly problems. Boomerang TCR Qld offers comprehensive servicing and maintenance that can help extend the life of your printers. Learn more about our printer repair services here.

  1. Optimal Environment 

The environment where you keep your printer can impact its functionality. Extreme temperatures and humidity can lead to paper jams and degraded print quality. Ensure your printer is in a stable, clean environment. Read more about review on humidity and temperature here.

Maximising Printer Efficiency and Longevity

Regular Usage

Frequent use of your printer not only keeps the business rolling but also helps in maintaining the mechanical parts in good working order. However, sporadic use can lead to ink drying up and clogging the nozzles. It’s advisable to print a few pages at least once a week to keep the ink flowing and prevent clogs. This keeps your printer ready for when you need it most.

Handling Paper Correctly

One of the simplest yet often overlooked aspects of printer care involves the proper handling of paper. Always store your paper in a dry, cool place to prevent moisture build-up, which can cause paper jams and print quality issues. Also, ensure you’re using the correct paper type for your printer, as specified in your printer’s documentation.

Managing Printer Drivers and Software

Keeping your printer drivers and software up to date is essential for ensuring compatibility with your computer’s operating system and enhancing functionality. Outdated software can lead to communication errors between your device and the printer, which might affect your workflow.

Avoiding Unnecessary Colour Printing

Colour printing uses more ink compared to black and white and can be more costly. To optimise ink usage, set your printer settings to black and white as the default mode for everyday printing tasks. Reserve colour printing for documents where it is necessary, such as presentations or marketing materials.

Using High-Quality Supplies

While it might be tempting to opt for cheaper, third-party ink and toner cartridges, these can sometimes lead to poor print quality and even damage your printer over time. Using high-quality, genuine cartridges designed for your specific model ensures the best performance and longevity of your printer. Read about the journey of a Printer cartridge here.

Power Surge Protection

Printers, like any other electronic devices, are vulnerable to power surges which can cause significant damage. Investing in a good quality surge protector can safeguard your printer from sudden spikes in electricity, thus prolonging its life and maintaining its performance. To additional insights into the need of surge protectors, read here.

Monitoring and Replacing Wearable Parts

Certain printer components like the fuser assembly and rollers wear out over time. Monitoring these parts and replacing them before they fail can prevent printer malfunctions and expensive repairs. This proactive approach can be crucial, especially for printers that handle high volumes of printing. Most manufacturers provide detailed manuals on how to inspect these components; these guides are invaluable for maintaining optimal printer functionality.

You can find about us here.

Printer Placement and Environment

Choosing the right location for your printer can significantly affect its performance and longevity. Avoid placing your printer near windows where it can be exposed to direct sunlight, or in areas with high traffic that can generate dust and debris. Additionally, make sure there is adequate space around the printer to allow for proper ventilation, which helps prevent overheating.

Understanding and Using Print Settings Effectively

Your printer’s settings play a crucial role in its operation and output. Familiarising yourself with these settings can help you optimise print quality, speed, and ink usage. Most printers come with a variety of settings tailored for different types of documents, such as draft mode for internal documents, which uses less ink. Adjusting the print quality based on the document’s importance can result in substantial savings on ink or toner.

Creating an Effective Maintenance Schedule

Consistency in printer maintenance can be achieved by setting a regular schedule. This includes cleaning, checking for software updates, inspecting hardware for wear and tear, and replacing consumables. A well-maintained schedule not only ensures the longevity of the printer but also guarantees that it remains in optimal working condition, ready to handle your business needs at any time.

By adhering to these practices, businesses can greatly enhance the efficiency and lifespan of their printers. These steps not only safeguard the investment in the equipment but also ensure that the printer remains a reliable asset in the smooth operation of business activities.


For businesses, a reliable printer is indispensable. With proper maintenance and care, you can ensure your printer operates smoothly and continues to serve your business without interruption. If you’re unsure about performing maintenance yourself, contact Boomerang TCR Qld. Our experts are ready to help you with every aspect of printer maintenance.


How often should I clean my printer?

It’s best to clean your printer every few months or according to the amount of use it gets.

Can I use generic ink cartridges?

While generic cartridges are compatible, manufacturer cartridges are recommended for best results.

How should I proceed if my printer produces slow printing?

Check for updates or reduce the print quality settings for faster printing.

Does my printer need to be turned off when it’s not in use?

Yes, turning off your printer can prevent ink from drying out and reduce energy consumption.

How do I know if my printer needs professional servicing?

Unusual noises, frequent jams, and degraded print quality are signs that your printer may need professional attention.

Maintenance and Care for Printers
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