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Technology is a wonderful resource that can significantly improve our quality of life and productivity. But it’s extremely aggravating when equipment such as printers malfunctions. Few things in the office are more perplexing than when a printing or scanning task gets stuck because of an unforeseen problem. Fortunately, the majority of common printer issues can be quickly fixed with a little extra knowledge.

People opt for best-in-market inkjet printers, laser printers and best-in-class ink cartridges to attain optimum print quality. Suppose the print job isn’t what you wanted or expected. In that case, there is a lot that you’d have to check, ranging from troubleshooting options according to specific printer model, print quality settings, plain paper settings, your wi-fi network or wireless access point, the printer’s utility program, printer properties as per printer manufacturer and much more.

Boomerang Printers
Boomerang Printers

It’s easy to get annoyed when an office printer device fails to complete its one task, such as printing high-quality photos. Printers can malfunction if they are not properly maintained and cause problems such as a smudgy printed page or difficulty printing photos.

Most of us have encountered these common printer problems, such as paper jams, printer driver errors, malfunctioning printer settings, print quality issues, or errors in wi-fi printing at some point in our lives. We know how irritating it can be to run into the same printer error message continually.

The good news is that these typical printer issues can be fixed quickly! We’ve put together a list of the three most common printer issues and how to resolve them.

Common Printer Problems

There can be several reasons for your printer not responding to your print jobs. The first step to take is to find the base cause of the issue. Some of the most common reasons for your printer to not respond to your print commands can be:

  • Is the printer switched on?
  • Are the print settings correct?
  • Is there paper in it?
  • Are all required wires connected?
  • Are all wireless connections operational?
  • Have you examined the ink or toner cartridges in your printer?
  • Do you have compatible cartridges?
  • Is your paper feeder blocked?
  • Is the toner roller worn out?
  • Is your ink or toner cartridge leaking?

Quick Hacks To Overcome 3 Common Printer Problems

There are some quick ways you can get your printer to start working again unless there is some significant damage that needs the attention of a professional. Here are a few ways to get your printer working again:

Fixing a Printer That Won’t Print Documents

If your printer is not printing documents, there are a few quick solutions you can try:

  1. Check the power source and cables: Make sure the printer is properly plugged in and that the power source is functioning. Also, check that the cables between the printer and the computer are properly connected.
  2. Restart the printer and computer: Try turning off the printer and the computer, then turning them back on again. This can often resolve any minor software or connectivity issues.
  3. Check the ink or toner levels: Make sure that the ink or toner levels are sufficient for printing. If the ink or toner is low or empty, replace or refill it.
  4. Check the print queue: Make sure that there are no stuck or pending print jobs in the print queue. Clear the print queue if necessary.
  5. Update or reinstall the printer driver: Ensure that your printer drivers are up to date. If the drivers are outdated, download and install the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. If the issue still persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.
  6. Check for any blocked nozzles or paper jams: Check the printer for any paper jams or blocked nozzles, and remove any debris or paper that may be blocking the way.
  7. Check the compatibility: Make sure the document you are trying to print is compatible with the printer.

If none of these solutions works, it may be necessary to consult the printer’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.


Fixing Paper Jams

The most common reason behind a paper jam such as an overfilled paper tray or incorrectly inserted paper. To resolve a paper jam in a home printer, it is important to first turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source. Carefully remove any visible paper that is stuck in the printer, being careful not to tear the paper.

Look for any small pieces of paper that may be stuck inside the printer and remove them. Next, check the paper tray and make sure that it is loaded correctly and that there are no bent or damaged paper guides. Once you’ve done this, you can plug the printer back in and turn it on.

Attempt to print again and see if the jam has been resolved. If the paper jam persists, consult the printer’s user manual for additional troubleshooting steps or contact the manufacturer for further assistance. It’s important to be patient and cautious during the process and to avoid forcing or pulling the paper too hard to avoid damage to the printer or the paper.

Fixing Connectivity Problems

It’s not always the hardware’s fault. The intermediary between your computer and your printer is the printer driver. Printer drivers can become outdated or lose compatibility with your operating system. A printer drivers update might immediately resolve the problem.

Another possibility is that an incorrect driver for your printer was downloaded into your computer. Simply uninstall the driver you currently have on your computer and then replace it with an updated version. Visit the support page of your printer’s manufacturer and enter your printer model number to find an updated version of your driver. After that, adhere to the instructions on the page to get the most recent version.

Most of your print quality issues should be resolved using the above-mentioned solutions. Inkjet printers and laser printers these days are of such grade that they do not malfunction much. It is also always suggested that you use the best quality ink cartridges, toner cartridges, glossy paper, photo paper, blank sheets, toner rolls, and types of paper to produce high-quality prints and printer speed.

However, if these printing problems continue to persist, give the professional team here at Boomerang TCR. We offer the best support in Melbourne and Brisbane! Get a quick consultation by giving us a call at 1800 441 830 or click here.


Q1: What type of printer should one get?

Ans: Choosing the right type of printer depends on your specific needs and usage. Inkjet printers are best for home or small office use and are great for printing text and images. Laser printers are best for high-volume printing and are commonly used in offices. They are more expensive than inkjet printers but are more cost-effective in the long run. Multifunction printers are great for small offices or home offices that need to perform multiple tasks with one device.

Photo printers are designed specifically to print photos and are able to produce high-quality prints with accurate colour reproduction. Thermal printers are commonly used for printing barcodes, labels, and receipts; they are typically small, lightweight, and easy to use.

3D printers are used to create 3D objects and are commonly used in product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. It’s important to consider your specific printing needs and usage before making a decision on which type of printer to purchase.

Q2: What are the primary reasons why printers malfunction?

Ans: There are several reasons for your printer to leave you stranded in between a print job. The reasons can range from faulty ink cartridges, printer tray, dirty printer head, drum units and even the type of paper that you use.

One can always check the printer’s user manual for solutions according to the printer model being used and the error message being displayed. While there are times when the printer’s user manual might not have the answer to the error at hand. If it’s a wireless printer, check for connectivity issues or printer driver updates to fix the issue.

3 Ways To Solve Common Printer Problems | Boomerang TCR Qld
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